We Set Out to Make a Better Toy

High Quality, Eco-Friendly, Safe...and Made in America

My name is Luke. Four years ago, following a number of high profile toy recalls from major toy manufacturers, my father Jim and I set out to make a better toy. We felt that it no longer made sense to manufacture wooden toys in China, where issues in the supply chain, and an industry reliant on a country with well documented labor and safety issues led to those recalls. We wanted to make traditional toys for the 21st Century. 

Today, I design toys with a simple, old school wooden style. These are toys that look like they could have been hand crafted by a skilled wood worker, with some of the qualities of their full-size counterparts. But our toys are made using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials, right here in the USA.

We believe that kid's toys should of course, be fun. But we also believe they should be made responsibly and sustainably using only the highest quality materials available, with attention paid to the smallest detail. And we believe they should be made in the United States where quality and safety can be ensured throughout the production life cycle. 

In the end, everything we use to make our toys - every sourced material, every tool and every supplier we use is American. 

Made in America

We believe that the highest quality products are made in America. Domestic production is especially valuable when it comes to toys because it allows us to monitor every step in the production process, ensuring your child plays with the safest, most fun product available. We take pride in using the most technologically advanced manufacturers to craft our parts. We assemble each toy by hand and use packaging that does double duty as a robust storage container–packaging made in the USA using a bioplastic derived from sustainably farmed trees. Finally, all of our toys and packaging are certified safe by a 3rd party testing laboratory.

Our commitment to you is this: Luke’s Toy Factory will make a toy for your child that is fun, safe, sustainable, and made with pride here in the USA.